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Curious About Invisalign

Invisalign Results

The results of treatment may vary between individuals. Your own treatment may differ from that shown here.
Speak to your dentist for an explanation of what to expect and the risks involved.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a clear alternative to traditional braces. It comprises a series of clear plastic ‘aligners’ or trays that are worn over the teeth sequentially to fix crooked teeth and bad bites.

Invisalign is the inventor of clear aligner orthodontics and is the most premium system of its kind. Powerful AI software is used to simulate tooth movements and create plans that are highly effective in treating the full range of orthodontic problems.

It is a metal-free and pain-free clear alternative to traditional braces.

What issues can Invisalign fix?

  • Crooked teeth or crowding

  • Overlapping teeth

  • To close gaps between teeth

  • Deep bites

  • Gummy smiles

  • Large overbites and a small lower jaw

  • Crossbites and teeth that don’t bite together well.


Is Invisalign right for me?

Invisalign can be used to treat almost any orthodontic problem. The technology has improved immensely over the last few years and Invisalign can now be confidently used to treat almost all types of problems. The patented SmartTrack © clear aligners, can predictably and efficiently move teeth into their correct positions in the same or less time than traditional braces can.

If you want to improve the alignment of your teeth and your smile, without having to wear braces, then Invisalign is the best choice.

Why choose Invisalign over traditional braces?

Simple. If you could straighten your teeth or fix your bite without having a mouth full of metal and sharp wires, would you?

With Invisalign, teeth movements are planned precisely and a simulation of the final result created at the start. It takes the guesswork out of the outcome. The aligners are not worn for eating, so you can still enjoy all of your favourite foods. The teeth are moved with gentle forces, so pain is minimal. For the time poor, the adjustment appointments take half as long as braces and you can go longer periods without visiting your dentists’ office (provided that you are wearing the aligners as prescribed, of course!).

Will my treatment be customised to me?

Invisalign is as customised as it gets! Your aligners are made to precisely fit a high detail 3D scan of your teeth. Each one is thermoformed around an accurate replica model of your teeth!

We believe that a beautiful smile is more than just having ‘straight teeth’. Our dentists want to make sure that your teeth are aligned to beautifully compliment the rest of your face. It means that each treatment plan is individualised and customised, not one size fits all!

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